Europe Tour

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Europe is a continent located entirely in the Northern Hemisphere and mostly in the Eastern Hemisphere. It is bordered by the Arctic Ocean to the north, the Atlantic Ocean to the west, the Mediterranean Sea to the south, and Asia to the east. Here are some key aspects about Europe:

  1. Countries: Europe comprises 44 countries, each with its own distinct culture, history, and language. Some of the prominent ones include France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, and Russia.

  2. Capital Cities: The continent boasts a diverse array of capital cities, such as Paris (France), Berlin (Germany), Rome (Italy), Madrid (Spain), London (United Kingdom), and Moscow (Russia).

  3. Geography: Europe is known for its varied geography, including the Alps mountain range, the Scandinavian Mountains, and the vast European Plain. Rivers like the Danube, Rhine, and Thames flow through its landscapes.

  4. Languages: Europe is a linguistic mosaic, with a multitude of languages spoken across the continent. Some of the major language families include Romance (French, Spanish, Italian), Germanic (English, German), Slavic (Russian, Polish), and others.

  5. Culture: Europe is a cradle of Western civilization and has made significant contributions to art, literature, philosophy, and science. It has a rich cultural heritage, with numerous museums, galleries, and historical sites.

  6. History: The history of Europe is marked by various eras, including the Classical period, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Age of Enlightenment, and more. It has witnessed major historical events such as the Roman Empire, the Renaissance, the Industrial Revolution, and both World Wars.

  7. European Union (EU): The European Union is a political and economic union of 27 member states, primarily located in Europe. It promotes economic cooperation, shared policies, and a common currency (Euro) among its members.

  8. Cuisine: European cuisine is diverse, with each country offering its unique dishes. French, Italian, Spanish, and British cuisines are particularly renowned. Wine and cheese are integral parts of European culinary traditions.

  9. Tourist Attractions: Europe is home to iconic landmarks and attractions, including the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Colosseum in Rome, the Acropolis in Athens, Buckingham Palace in London, and many more.

  10. Transportation: Europe has an extensive and efficient transportation network, including high-speed trains, well-maintained roads, and a dense air travel network.

  11. Natural Beauty: From the fjords of Norway to the beaches of Greece, Europe boasts diverse and breathtaking natural landscapes.

Whether you're interested in history, art, cuisine, or natural beauty, Europe offers a myriad of experiences, making it one of the most popular travel destinations in the world.

Tour Timeline

  • Day 1
    Paris Awaits: A Warm Welcome to the City of Lights

    Upon your arrival, our Tour Manager or Local Representative will be waiting to extend a warm welcome just outside the airport. Subsequently, we will proceed to the hotel for check-in.

    Please note: If you are a direct passenger or NRI, you can independently check-in at the hotel. The standard check-in time is 15:00 hrs.

    In the event of late flight arrivals or extended queues at immigration, we may need to proceed directly for dinner, or a packed dinner will be provided for your convenience.

  • Day 2
    Versailles Extravaganza & Eiffel Tower Marvel: Embark on Guided Tours and an Illumination Adventure in Paris

    Embark on a captivating journey with a guided tour of Versailles Palace, unveiling its private apartments, Opera Hall, the Chapel, and the illustrious Hall of Mirrors. Your exploration continues with a visit to the iconic Eiffel Tower, reaching its impressive 2nd level. Following this, immerse yourself in the grandeur of Paris with a guided city tour, featuring landmarks like the Alexander Bridge, Arc de Triomphe, Concorde Square, Opera House, Invalides, and the legendary Champs Elysees.

    For an enchanting evening, consider joining our optional Seine River Cruise and 'Illumination Tour of Paris,' where the city comes alive with the radiant lights of its famous monuments and sights.

    Please Note:

    • Due to stringent security checks at the Eiffel Tower, anticipate a queue time of up to 4 – 5 hours.
    • In light of the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris, city tours may be affected for certain groups due to road closures for rehearsals/events occurring from July 11, 2024, to September 23, 2024

  • Day 3
    Discover Brussels: A Captivating Orientation Tour Awaits


    Journey to Brussels: Explore the Grand Place, Manneken Pis Statue, and Marvel at the Atomium on our Orientation Tour.

  • Day 4
    Keukenhof & Madurodam

    May Blooms and Dutch Delights: A Journey through Keukenhof, Cheese Farm, Wooden Shoe Workshop, and Dam Square!


    Discover Miniature Marvels: Madurodam Adventure, Cheese Farm, Wooden Shoe Workshop, and a Stroll at Dam Square from May 13th, 2024!

  • Day 5
    Cologne Cathedral Marvel and Enchanting Rhine River Cruise Await You

    Journey to Cologne: Explore the Magnificent Cologne Cathedral and Delight in a Scenic River Rhine Cruise!

  • Day 6
    Explore the Enchanting Black Forest and Witness the Majestic Rhine Falls

    Black Forest Delight: Explore Evergreen Forests and Charming Villages, Then Marvel at Rhine Falls in Schaffhausen.

  • Day 7
    "Choose Your Adventure: Leisure Day or Opt for an Excursion to Jungfraujoch with Lunch and a Visit to Interlaken (Optional)

    Today, you have the freedom to spend the day at leisure or join us for an unforgettable journey to Jungfraujoch - The Top of Europe. Experience a cable car and cogwheel train ascent to the height of 3,454 meters, arriving at Europe's highest railway station. Explore the Ice Palace and the Sphinx observatory deck, offering breathtaking views of the longest glacier in the Alps. Later, we visit the charming town of Interlaken.

    Note: Guests opting out of this optional excursion will receive a packed dinner upon the group's return to the hotel."

  • Day 8
    Discovering Alpine Heights: Mt. Titlis Adventure and Lucerne Charm in an Orientation Tour

    Adventure on Mt. Titlis: Experience the World's First Rotating Cable Car to the Summit at 3,020 Meters, Explore the 'Cliff Walk' Suspension Bridge, and Discover Lucerne's Charms!

    Today's journey takes us to Mt. Titlis, where a cable car ride awaits, featuring the world's first rotating cable car, the Rotair, elevating us to the pinnacle of Mt. Titlis at 3,020 meters. Don't miss the thrilling 'Cliff Walk,' a suspension bridge offering breathtaking views along the cliff of Mt. Titlis. Following this exhilarating experience, we embark on an orientation tour of Lucerne, marveling at the Lion Monument and the iconic Kapellbrucke. Enjoy some leisure time for shopping, where you can indulge in famous Swiss watches, knives, and chocolates.

  • Day 9
    Swarovski Brilliance and Innsbruck Exploration: Crystal Museum, Shop, and Orientation Tour Await

    Innsbruck Delights: Explore the Swarovski Crystal Museum and Shop, Followed by an Orientation Tour Featuring the Golden Roof and Maria Theresien Strasse.

  • Day 10
    Venice Unveiled: Embark on an Enchanting Orientation Tour of the Floating City

    Journey to Italy: Explore Venice by Boat, Uncover the Beauty of St. Mark's Square, Basilica, Doge’s Palace, Campanile, and the Enchanting Bridge of Sighs.

  • Day 11
    Florence Unveiled: Guided City Tour and Journey to Rome Await You

    Florence Exploration: Guided Walking Tour Featuring the Duomo, Campanile, Baptistry, and Piazza Della Signoria, Followed by a Picturesque Drive to Rome.

  • Day 12
    Guided Tour of Rome & Vatican City

    Rome and Vatican City Extravaganza: A Guided Tour of the Smallest Country in the World and the Eternal City Awaits! (Please note: Shorts or sleeveless vests are not allowed.)

    Embark on a spiritual journey with a visit to the holy Basilica of St. Peter's and St. Peter's Square. Then, immerse yourself in the rich history of Rome with a guided city tour, featuring the iconic Circus Maximus, a photo-stop at the Colosseum, and the majestic Arc of Constantine. The adventure continues as we drive to Arezzo.

  • Day 13
    Pisa Iconic Leaning Tower, Savona Exploration, and Cruise Adventure Await (Departure Time: 18:00 hrs.)

    "Pisa's Leaning Tower and Mediterranean Cruise Adventure:

    Embark on a journey to Pisa, where the Square of Miracles awaits, showcasing the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa. Following this architectural marvel, we proceed to Savona to board our cruise. Upon embarkation, take a leisurely stroll around the ship, indulge in a delightful meal at the buffet deck, or savor a drink at one of the lounges. The evening offers a variety of entertainment options, from Broadway shows to dinners at themed restaurants. Immerse yourself in the ship's vibrant atmosphere, whether enjoying the tunes at a piano bar, trying your luck at the casino, or dancing to a live band.

    Mediterranean Cruise | Savona - Barcelona - Marseilles – Savona

    Detailed Itinerary: Costa Cruise (3 Nights) Day Port Arrival Departure 1 Savona (Italy) - 18:00 2 Barcelona (Spain) 8:30 17:00 3 Marseilles (France) 7:00 12:00 4 Savona (Italy) 9:30 -

    Note: Itinerary and timings may be subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances."

  • Day 14

    Barcelona Exploration: Enjoy On-Board Amenities or Shore Excursions (Ship Time: 08:30 hrs - 17:00 hrs)

    Upon arrival in Barcelona, relish a delightful breakfast and immerse yourself in on-board amenities like the swimming pool, jacuzzi, and gaming zone. Alternatively, embark on a Barcelona sightseeing adventure with our recommended shore excursions. Spend the morning ashore, or return to the ship for a leisurely lunch. The afternoon offers a plethora of on-board activities, ranging from dance classes and deck lounging to cooking demonstrations and Italian language classes. As the evening unfolds, choose to watch a Broadway show, savor dinner at one of the restaurants, or explore the ship's diverse entertainment options, including a piano bar, casino, or dance band in one of the bars.

  • Day 15
    Magnificent Marseilles: On-Board Bliss or Shore Excursions (Ship Time: Full Day)

    As we arrive in Marseilles, start your day with a delicious breakfast before immersing yourself in on-board delights like the swimming pool, jacuzzi, and gaming zone. Alternatively, venture into Marseilles for sightseeing with our recommended shore excursions. Spend a leisurely morning ashore or return to the ship for lunch. The afternoon brings a host of on-board activities, from dance classes and deck lounging to cooking demonstrations and even Italian language classes. As the sun sets, the evening unfolds with a choice of watching a featured Broadway show, relishing dinner at one of the restaurants, or exploring diverse entertainment options like a piano bar, casino, or dance band in one of the bars.

  • Day 16
    Savona Farewell: Disembarkation and Return Journey to Milan Airport

    Upon arrival in Savona, enjoy a leisurely breakfast or brunch before disembarking and proceeding to Milan Airport for your return journey. Please take a few moments to share your feedback with your Tour Manager; your valuable suggestions are greatly appreciated. Depart with cherished memories of your Europe tour, destined to be treasures for a lifetime.


    • In major European cities, parking restrictions for coaches may limit stops during city tours. Your Tour Manager will make every effort to provide photo stops wherever possible.
    • The mentioned cruise itinerary is tentative and subject to change without prior notice. For the exact sailing itinerary, please contact your sales staff."