Mahabaleshwar & Sirdi Tour

19,990/- Per Person


Mahabaleshwar and Shirdi are two distinct yet popular destinations in the state of Maharashtra, India, known for their unique offerings and spiritual significance.


  1. Hill Station Retreat:

    • Mahabaleshwar is a charming hill station nestled in the Western Ghats, known for its cool climate, lush greenery, and breathtaking views.
    • It is a favored destination for nature lovers and those seeking a peaceful retreat.
  2. Scenic Beauty:

    • The town is surrounded by dense forests, numerous viewpoints, and strawberry fields, providing picturesque landscapes.
    • Popular viewpoints include Arthur's Seat, Kate's Point, and Wilson Point.
  3. Panchgani:

    • Mahabaleshwar is in close proximity to Panchgani, another hill station famous for its Table Land, a vast plateau offering panoramic views.
  4. Temples:

    • Visit the Mahabaleshwar Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and the Panchganga Temple, where five rivers are believed to converge.


  1. Spiritual Pilgrimage:

    • Shirdi is renowned as the abode of the revered saint Sai Baba. Pilgrims from various parts of the world visit the Sai Baba Temple seeking blessings and spiritual solace.
  2. Sai Baba Temple:

    • The Sai Baba Temple in Shirdi is a major pilgrimage site with a sacred shrine housing the tomb of Sai Baba.
    • Devotees participate in prayer sessions and seek the blessings of Sai Baba.
  3. Dwarkamai:

    • Dwarkamai, a mosque in Shirdi, is another important place associated with Sai Baba. It is believed that Baba spent a significant part of his life here.
  4. Chavadi:

    • Chavadi is a historical place in Shirdi where Sai Baba used to spend alternate nights. Pilgrims visit to pay homage to this significant site.
  5. Sai Teerth Theme Park:

    • Explore the Sai Teerth Theme Park in Shirdi, offering an immersive experience about the life and teachings of Sai Baba.

Travel Tips:

  • Connectivity:

    • Mahabaleshwar is well-connected by road and is approximately a 5-6 hour drive from Mumbai.
    • Shirdi has good road connectivity and a domestic airport with flights from major cities.
  • Best Time to Visit:

    • Mahabaleshwar is pleasant throughout the year, but the best time to visit is from October to June.
    • Shirdi attracts pilgrims year-round, with major festivals like Guru Purnima and Vijayadashami drawing large crowds.
  • Accommodation:

    • Both Mahabaleshwar and Shirdi offer a range of accommodation options, including hotels, resorts, and lodges.

Whether you seek the tranquility of the hills in Mahabaleshwar or the spiritual aura of Shirdi, each destination has its own charm, making them popular choices for diverse travelers.

Tour Timeline

  • Day 1
    Mumbai to Sirdi

    Upon your arrival in Mumbai/Pune, meet your driver for a seamless transfer to Shirdi. If your journey initiates from Mumbai, a visit to Trimbakeshwar Jyotirlinga will be included on the way. After reaching Shirdi, complete your check-in at the hotel, take some time to unwind, and then proceed to visit the Sai Temple for darshan (darshan coupons are available online). Enjoy a comfortable overnight stay at the hotel.

  • Day 2
    Sirdi to Shani Shingnagar

    ​Start your day with a delicious breakfast at the hotel. Complete the check-out formalities before heading to Shani Shingnapur for darshan. After the divine experience, continue your journey to Mahabaleshwar. Upon arrival, check in to the hotel, relax, and enjoy an overnight stay.

  • Day 3
    Sightseen In Mahabaleshwar

    Start your day with a delightful breakfast at the hotel. Begin your sightseeing tour of Mahabaleshwar, exploring the Old Mahabaleshwar Shiva Temple and Panchaganga Mandir. Continue your visit to popular attractions like Arthur Point and Eco Point. Enjoy lunch at the hotel. In the afternoon, head to Venna Lake for a boating experience, savoring the evening atmosphere. Conclude your day with a delicious dinner and a comfortable overnight stay at the hotel.

  • Day 4
    Return Journey For Mumbai


    Begin your day with a scrumptious breakfast at the hotel and complete the check-out process. Embark on a sightseeing excursion to Panchgani, exploring Parsi Point and Table Land Point. Visit the Ancient Vai Temple and Mapro Garden to experience the charm of the region. Commence your return journey to Mumbai/Pune and conclude the trip with a drop-off in Mumbai/Pune.